Our Mission


Welcome to Declaration of Dumfries.
We aim to provide information and articles that the local mainstream news outlets refuse to deal with.
Covering stories and bringing you facts that local newspapers lack the courage and integrity to give.
Courting controversy. Revealing lies. Exposing corruption and the MYTH of authority.
Contact us with any stories, news or items of interest that local Dumfries & Galloway journalists refuse to cover.
Whistleblowers welcome. Anonymity guaranteed.
We look forward to hearing your story.
Declaration of Dumfries.
Truth. Rights. Sovereignty
DoD banner, Dumfries rally 26/02/2022

Who we are

Declaration of Dumfries is a fellowship of people who live by the principle that all are sovereign in their own right.

All are equal by birthright.

All are equal in status.

All are equal in worth. 

There is no such thing as a leader. 

Not a single man or woman exists with the right, the power or the authority to dictate, debate, vote on or decree another’s rights; nor to create “laws” that others must obey.

“All are equal before the law” – Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 7.

“An equal has no dominion over an equal.” – Par in parem imperium non habet. – Black’s Law Dictionary 7th Edition page 1673

Anyone proclaiming such authority over others is invited to STEP FORWARD with proof of claim. 

We believe in the long-established common law principles of causing no harm, loss or injury; and that the only way to true justice and real democracy is via Trial By Jury in a Common Law Court of the people.


Our Core Values

Truth. Rights. Sovereignty.

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