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“Ootn” to kill!
“Ootn” to kill! More outrageous council behaviour exposed on popular page We make no apology for our use (or even overuse) of the term ‘self-entitled parasites’ when it comes to employees of public...
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Dent in the System: Update
Dent in the System: Update It would seem that our recent article (link here) regarding revelations of a potential Police Scotland armed raid at the home of Dumfries & Galloway man Michael...
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Dent in the System
Dent in the System Open letter to Dumfries & Galloway Constabulary We had planned on launching this series of articles in a completely different way, but sometimes unexpected events can transpire,...
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April to April Fool!
April to April Fool! Exiting NHS CEO lands long overdue place on DoD Wall of Shame Many will remember the departing Dumfries & Galloway NHS Board CEO Jeff Ace’s tenure for the accusations of...
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