Formal Complaint Documents

Informed consent is a legal requirement for any medical intervention or treatment – none more so than experimental products.

Informed consent did not happen with the Covid injections as no-one was informed by their vaccinators, nor their health boards, nor any supporting literature during the consent process, and therefore not one single injection we are aware of was valid or legal.

Below you will find templates for formal complaints to health boards in England, with Scotland soon to follow (there were slight differences in approach for north/south of the border).

Simply download the documents (Word or PDF), enter your own details and edit your complaint to suit your own personal circumstances; please remember – whilst vaccine injury can and should be mentioned, the below complaint documents do not require vaccine injury to have occurred as they concentrate solely on the very decision that led to agreeing to receiving the experimental injection in the first place.


Please note that some of the documents’ contents are for illustrative purposes and may not be relevant to your own personal circumstances; please adjust or delete as appropriate.

Formal complaint to an English NHS board

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