Welcome to the Declaration of Dumfries Wall of Shame, set up especially as a permanent reminder of those who stooped lowest on the wrong side of history.

Lest we forget.

Mr. George Ross of Cashing Inn, Dumfries 

For Multiple Shameful and Gross Violations of Human Rights, Disability Rights, The Equality Act 2010 and the Divine, Natural Right to Bodily Integrity by the Forcing of Masks as a Condition of Service 

Phil Roberts, CEO of Swansea Council 

For Violating the Inalienable Rights of Anna Redfern of Cinema & Co; For Disgraceful Cowardice and Complicity in the Enforcement of Fascism and Totalitarian Control on the Wrong Side of History 

Anas Sarwar, MSP 

For the Disgraceful Stirring of Fear and Hatred Against Those Exercising Their Inalienable God-Given Right to Bodily Autonomy; For Being Complicit in Engendering Apartheid and Division in Scotland 

Humza Yousaf 

For Delivering In the Scottish Parliament on 10th June of 2020, the Most Despicable, Disgraceful, Hate-Filled, Racist and Xenophobic Speech Since the Nuremberg Rally 

Emma Harper MSP: Traitor 

For the attempted violation of the natural rights and liberties of the Sovereign People of Scotland Under the Delusion that Politicians’ Votes apply to the People without evidence or consent 

Devi Sridhar: Traitor 

For Committing Gross Human Rights Violations against the People of Scotland – For Conspiring (and Failing) to Impose Medical Fascism in Scotland –

For the Egregious Promotion of Mass Genetic Experimentation on the Scottish People including Pregnant Women and Children 

Guy Opperman MP

For the Enabling of Human Rights Violations against the People – For Conspiring to Impose Medical Fascism and apartheid system in the UK –

By voting against Bodily Autonomy and for even thinking that he somehow had the Right 

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