Conditional Offer (Pt.2)

Conditional Offer (Pt.2)

DGC fall at first hurdle

Dumfries and Galloway Council’s Council Tax department disappointed with depressing predictability in their quick-fire response to Michael James’ request for material evidence of obligation to government legislation (see Conditional Offer Pt.1)

Mr James has kindly forwarded his response to DoD:

Dear Lorna,

Please thank your colleague Mr Kyle for his very quick response to my Notice. However, I’m now unsure whether I wrote the Notice with sufficient clarity, as the response I received contained no material evidence at all. Mr Kyle typing a sentence or two – or even a short essay – does not constitute evidence of any kind, as eloquently written as it may have been.

Moreover, I did not ask for “evidence of what government legislation is legally-binding when charging Council Tax” so, to reiterate my requirements, I once again state for the record that:

I agree that I will pay any and all Council Tax lawfully due to Dumfries & Galloway Council immediately upon receipt of the lawfully-established, legally-binding obligation to government legislation; AND to pay all MoJ costs for producing said obligation if necessary. 

To clarify: politicians in Westminster and/or Holyrood may assemble and vote and dictate or decree, then put it all down on paper and call them “laws” all they like, but if there is no material evidence of any lawfully-established connection, link, nexus or bond to said parliament and their legislation (without which it would by definition be unlawful), then they can hardly be termed “laws” at all. For example, should myself and a few friends get together, go into a building, give ourselves fancy job titles, then come out and say that you, Lorna, must obey the so-called laws we’ve just created, you would rightly tell us to… “go away”… (to put it politely)… unless of course we could materially evidence some sort of lawful obligation. As far as I’m aware – and from the Ministry of Justice’s own responses and refusal to cooperate in FOI Requests – there is no such lawful nexus or bond to government legislation that can be materially evidenced, and as such there is no obligation to any of it, including Council Tax. 

No evidence of obligation = NO OBLIGATION

Without sounding ungrateful for his efforts, Mr Kyle typing a sentence or an essay does not constitute evidence of any kind. I require material evidence of lawful obligation before I will contribute any council tax, or even let you know my whereabouts within D&G for that matter, because as things stand there is no evidence of any obligation to do either.

Hopefully this clarifies matters. I look forward to a response containing material evidence.

Kind regards,

Michael James 

Will D&G Council come up with the goods or, just like the Ministry of Justice, will they come up short?

Stay tuned.


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