Look Up!

Thailand. October 2007. Lying in a hammock outside on the balcony. Sober, sleepy and content. I was suddenly hit by a bolt of energy, supreme love and bliss coursed through my consciousness. With it came powerful words “My Lord is coming and nothing else matters” I do not really recall much more. I was so overwhelmed …

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Still Sh-“Ootn”!

Still Sh-“Ootn”! Update: Ootn Aboot continues gunning for corrupt DGC Last month we signposted our readers to an article written by Ootn Aboot Dumfries, which described Dumfries & Galloway Council’s blatant act of corruption and self entitlement with regards to the River Nith anti-flooding project. Yesterday Ootn posted an update article, again dealing with the …

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Dent in the System

Dent in the System Open letter to Dumfries & Galloway Constabulary We had planned on launching this series of articles in a completely different way, but sometimes unexpected events can transpire, conspire, and overtake original plans, thereby necessitating an alternative and often reactive approach. This is one such occasion. We had our crosshairs almost on …

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