Lightfoot to the Rescue…

D&G constable tramples rights of Kirkcudbright sanctuary owner

Although Bram Stoker’s infamous blood-sucking antagonist may have his bad points, one must admit that Count Dracula does, at least, have one redeeming feature: he will only enter someone’s property when invited.

Sadly, it would seem that Dumfries & Galloway’s very own soulless fraternity of the undead are incapable of such etiquette. We are, of course, referring to Police Scotland, whose thugs in uniform seem to subsist by feeding on the vital essence of the living, just like the legendary Count. In a surprise to no-one, their uniformed criminals have once again stooped to yet another low – this time with the illegal entry into the property of Alexis Fleming, founder of The Maggie Fleming Animal Hospice and Karass Sanctuary near Kirkcudbright, the story of which she authored in the 2021 publication No Life Too Small.

And the reason for PC Lightfoot’s unlawful harassment and trespass? The alleged theft of a dog Alexis claimed she’d rescued from years of abuse and neglect.

In a widely-viewed series of videos on the hospice’s social media page, Constable Lightfoot can be seen standing well within the building, without a warrant, and despite being repeatedly made aware that he was not welcome. His excuse? – that he wanted to get her attention and that the door was unlocked, and therefore he considered the property to be insecure. Which, of course, is a lie.

The lies did not end there. Lightfoot went on to cite “common law powers of entry” – none of which applied in the circumstances. He then stated the common myth that “Trespass is not a law in Scotland”. Perhaps someone can inform PC Lightfoot that the Trespass (Scotland) Act 1865 is still in effect to this day.

ScotGov guidance on Powers of Entry

The video from 31st May shows Alexis bravely standing her ground against the arrogant, hands-in-pockets officer who, along with his colleague, had no legitimate response to Ms Fleming’s questions and justifiable outrage. Worse was yet to come when Alexis was recently arrested by three male officers – an incident that left her badly bruised in the process. Alexis was kept in the cells for over nine hours before being charged and released, leaving her traumatised and with PTSD as a result.

Alexis and her friend Kerry have been overwhelmed by the support they’ve received since the incidents – including legal advice. “We’re being shown the two polar opposites of what’s happening in the world just now. There’s the people who will throw you in a cell and humiliate you… and then there’s the people that have shown us there is still good in the world, and that’s what we’re fighting for… that’s what this is really about, and I promise you we’re not going to give up the fight.”

We salute Alexis for her stoicism in the face of adversity and intimidation by Police Scotland’s belligerent officers, and we can be sure that our readers will wholeheartedly support her cause.

As for the soulless, energy-draining, lower-than-a-vampire PC Lightfoot, we can only hope that he is given a severe reprimand for his unacceptable conduct, along with an education in the law.

Or a trip to Transylvania for a lesson in manners.

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27 thoughts on “Lightfoot to the Rescue…”

    1. Very well written, thank you for raising awareness about what Alexis is being put through. Absolutely disgusting, considering how lenient the law is with actual criminals. Alexis and Kerry are selfless, kind, and dedicated to caring for animals that have been at the hands of absolute horrors. To enter a woman’s home, and then refuse to leave despite being asked to for half an hour, is nothing but intimidation, bullying and a misogynistic power trip. I hope Police Scotland take this seriously and act accordingly.

  1. Emma Ainslie

    Alex is the epitome of everything good in this world.
    The way she has been treated is heartbreaking.
    Changes need to happen to stop a repeat of such abuse.
    I fully support her and her sanctuary.

    Alex don’t ever doubt the importance of your heart and never change.
    You have a army behind you xx

  2. Excellent article. I’d go further than reprimand him. Disciplinary route should be enforced; get him out of the service.

  3. Thank you for highlighting this shocking situation so well. Alexis needs as much support as she can right now and this will help highlight the situation more widely. We are fully behind her and look forward to her receiving a full apology and compensation from Police Scotland, as well as this officer being dealt with appropriately.

  4. Ann Robertson

    Brilliant Shocking thing to happen to the Angel who rescues all animals that she can. The forgotten ones the neglected ones the ones at deaths door who all are welcome and well looked after. How could this be allowed to go on. What levels has humanity sunk to. Guardians of the law. I don’t think so. So upset for Alexis and Kerry and all the poor darlings who rely in this wonderful person to help them. Shame on you PC lightfoot

  5. Pamela McAllister

    Wow the male ego is incredible. They can never admit when they are in the wrong. Wishing you all good wishes and love Alex’s and Kerry…

  6. He would be better named PC Heavyhanded. Love and support to Alexis and everyone at the hospice.

  7. Not a good job Police Scotland. Just another reason of why fewer and fewer people trust the forest of law & order. Too cowardly to tackle the violent burglars interrupted on the job, but a peaceful protestor at a London vigil for a woman murdered by a serving officer? Fair game. A defenceless woman defending animals already rescued from trauma ? Fair game !!! Not well done, not well done at all.

  8. Andrea Kingston

    Perhaps animal cruelty and neglect wouldn’t be so prevalent in any part of the U.K. if the police took their thumbs out of their rectum’s and acted against those who commit it quite as strongly as they’ve acted against a person doing their utmost to make these victims safe and end their lives being loved and in the safest of places.

  9. An excellent piece by DoD, pulling together the threads of malfeasance by D&G Police Lightfoot.

    We must stand by people who are abused and be seen to stand by them

  10. Linda Dufton

    This poor woman and her sidekick kerry have suffered appalling at the hands of police Scotland and all she has done is save a life . This woman has been my heroine for many many years ,to see the bruises on her body from the rough handling of bullying coppers is so so sad to see . Let’s hope she can stay strong and carry on the amazing work she does

  11. PC Lightfoot needs more than a severe reprimand and education in the law (you can’t educate stupid!). He needs drummed out of the Force in disgrace!

  12. Diane Walsham

    Thanks for writing the article. Alexis is an amazing woman running a wonderful animal rescue and hospice. How can that vile excuse for a police officer get away with the bully boy tactics used on Alexis? He and the other two bully boy officers should at the very least loose their jobs and it would be good if they were made to pay compensation to Alexis for the injuries they caused and of course the mental distress. What on earth were they doing..Stand strong Alexis, we are all with you ❤️

  13. Yet another example of why people are losing their respect for and confidence in our police. Since when does saving the life of a defenceless animal constitute a crime? Shame on you PC Lightfoot who shall henceforth be known as PC Heavyhanded.

  14. Kathy McSherry

    Honestly!! Look at him (PC Dumbfoot) all tooled up and hands in his pockets! Well, if there had been a Muuurder, he would have wanted a cuppa tea n choccie biscuit first before doin what he’s paid for.

  15. Veronica Holt-Pedersen

    From the other side of the world (New Zealand) but with Scottish Heritage, Ive got to say Im shocked and disgusted by PC Lightfoots behaviour. If I was local I’d be making a visit to the local police station to not only protest his actions but to ask that this bully of a man be asked to resign. The police are there to serve the public, not their own selfish, grandiose needs.

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  17. Frederick Fairgrieve

    Really nice to see an article written about this.
    I still can’t understand why he didn’t make an anxious woman whom was clearly in distress, more relaxed buy just stepping outside the door.
    His colleage didn’t help with his intimidating manner either.

    I personally think that this needs to be addressed in the police Scotland office and why a person who abuses animals has such power over someone whom protects and cares.

    I for one would gladly stand at Maggie’s gate at night and make sure these two, uneducated in law, cockwombles are chased of a private residence.

  18. Helen Mulrooney

    Everyone needs to complain about the conduct of PC Lightfoot to the police complaints authority. He is on a crusade to destroy everything Alexis has built up, he is using his uniform to abuse bully intimidate and terrify law abiding citizens who work so hard to save animals, without that uniform, he is acting like a thug intent on taking the power away from two defenseless women using intimidation and trumping up charges. Including revisiting arrest and assault when she agreed peacefully to accompany the officers to the police station, and as soon as she walked out of the gate she was jumped by 3 male officers, leaving her needing hospital treatment and covered in bruises. To cover up their assault, they confiscated their phones so their thuggery could not be exposed. For saving a dog who was living in and eating his own excrement, dangerously thin, abused and starved, she is now subjected to a campaign of abuse and harassment from PC Lightfoot and a tirade of threats from the abuser of the dog, as she refuses to to return the dog to the abuser she saved it from, and now she is on the verge of a breakdown, feels unsafe. Has PTSD, has been unable to eat or sleep, and has been charged with 6 charges including theft, resisting arrest and assault * I never knew you could commit assault when you were the one being beaten!!! Maybe the assault was him hurting his fist from thumping her after jumping on her while walking peacefully toward to police van. We could look at the video to see who did what to whom- but they’ve confiscated the phone footage from this supposed violent altercation…I wonder why?!! Why would the police hide evidence that if they are to be beilieved would back up their story? #PCLightfoot # police corruption. It seems UK Police are actually the biggest gang in the country…PC Lightfoot and police Scotland need to face some questions over this…please share and make this go viral.

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  20. Has ‘Police Scotland’ dropped it’s standards, by appearing to now enrolling, arrogant, disrespectful (& seemingly narcissistic) people? It certainly seems to be the case, with this so called ‘police officer’ PC Lightfoot!? SHAME on him & any of his superiors, if no reprimand was carried out too! Did any teach this arrogant PC, that its respectful to address anyone with his hands in his pockets too!!!

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