To the Rescue: Update/Apology

Sanctuary article leaves DoD with dog-tale between legs

Declaration of Dumfries would like to announce, cap in hand, that we seem to have made a terrible mistake.

Several people have contacted DoD pointing out inaccuracies within our recent article regarding police conduct at the The Maggie Fleming Animal Hospice and Karass Sanctuary, Kirkcudbright.

First of all, we cannot verify the story, or the rights and wrongs, of how the canine in question ended up with Alexis at the hospice. Those particular details are for future articles as, not least with a court case on the horizon, only so much can be discussed in public.

Nor did we seek to opine on that matter: our 6th July article was primarily concerned with the conduct of PC Lightfoot and his unlawful trespass into Ms Fleming’s property, thereafter exacerbated by his smug attitude, outright lies and worrying lack of knowledge on how to do his own job properly.

We would even go so far as to say that the Police Scotland officer’s  ‘behaviour would be likely to cause a reasonable person to suffer fear or alarm’ – an offence under section 38(1)(b) of the Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010 – but we can have no confidence that the bought-off, corrupt members of the so-called justice system will ever prosecute the other bought-off, corrupt members of the so-called justice system.

As a result of the furore Saturday’s posting seems to have caused, from now on DoD will be including a ‘Right of Reply’ caveat (see bottom of page). This was something that had been considered for a while in any case, and all are welcome to contact us on the below email address or on our Facebook page. The article has been updated correspondingly.

Those matters aside, we must now reveal the unforgivable gaffe in our article. We have been informed – with confirmation from Alexis herself – that the dog pictured with Alexis in our recent article was NOT Maggie, as we’d mistakenly captioned… he is none other than Grampa Happy Feet, the Happiest Dog in all of Happy Land!

Here at DoD we take all parts of our motto – “Truth. Rights. Sovereignty.” extremely seriously, and we truly apologise for any offence caused – although we doubt Happy Feet will be particularly concerned.

Finally, we regretfully admit that the person who contacted us also came out with a line we hadn’t thought of ourselves: “Here’s hoping Lightfoot gets a heavy foot right up the ar*e for his actions.”


Right of Reply: Contact with additional or alternative information. Anonymity guaranteed. 

2 thoughts on “To the Rescue: Update/Apology”

  1. Janet Carter

    I hope for Alexis and her beautiful sanctuary that this will be an end to this awful nightmare and peace and tranquility will remain that the little souls she has saved (sometimes breaking her heart) will be allowed to continue her fantastic work filled with love and kindness and not be threatened in her own home what an awful situation for a person with whom l have so much respect let us hope kindness prevails and the person held to task that has caused so much fear grief and upset to someone who is showing kindness in our cruel world she is the angel that walks amongst us

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