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Galloway MSP finally lands himself on DoD Wall of Shame

Whether it be appearing at the Royal Highland Show, collecting brownie points with fishermen in Port William, or chomping on a £15,000 slice of Big Apple pie with an all-expenses-paid jolly to New York, you’ll never find Galloway MSP Finlay Carson missing out on a photo opportunity.

In a recent Facebook post, Finlay (right) was pictured rubbing shoulders with “representatives from the General Medical Council (GMC), General Pharmaceutical Council, General Dental Council and Nursing and Midwifery Council” – most, if not all, of which were directly or indirectly complicit in the rollout of experimental Covid vaccination on an unsuspecting – and uninformed – public.

Finlay has made several appearances on Declaration of Dumfries (here, here and here) in articles exposing how the feckless MSP turned his back on holding D&G’s health board CEO to account, despite being shown evidence that the NHS board failed to obtain informed – or thereby legally valid – consent for Covid vaccinations, although those articles are unlikely to elicit that trademark politician’s photo-op smile.

In light of last week’s schmooze to front organisations for the pharmaceutical industry, one has to wonder whether such cosy relationships could be the reason that Mr Carson thought to flat-out lie his way out of dealing with Dumfries & Galloway NHS Board’s criminal conduct by stating that it was “against my political beliefs”.

Whatever his inadequate excuses may or may not be, now is the perfect time to remind Finlay Carson of his cowardice in turning his back on the illegal experimentation on his constituents and their children – although, interestingly, not his children, from what we are led to believe –  and what better way than to hand the Conservative MSP a rightful position on the Declaration of Dumfries Wall of Shame. 

We sincerely hope he appreciates the sentiment.

Laminated copies of this article along with Wall of Shame certificate will be making their way to Finlay’s Castle Douglas constituency office, lest he forget.

Because we won’t.

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