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Sequel to the article ‘Calling All Teachers’ from a retired headteacher

Just as I thought things could not get any worse for our children in school. In comes  the sexualisation of children and gender ideology through the guise of Health and Wellbeing! 

Parents I implore you firstly, to tell your children that they want to be identified as ‘he’ or ‘she’ changing the language of male and female is simply absurd. However, this is being proposed by the powers that be, namely, governments that are pushing this gender ideology onto our young, innocent, and vulnerable children. This ridiculous notion is to satisfy a tiny minority of individuals who may not feel that they are male or female. To this I say let them be children and when they reach adulthood, then, make an adult choice of their preferred gender. 

Drag Queens in children’s libraries reading stories to infants? Is this ‘normalising’ or corrupting young minds? In my opinion it is a nefarious agenda being foisted on young children. (Not any evidence of this happening in Scottish schools, however, it is becoming popular in America and there is a case in England. There are many posts on YouTube, such as Drag Queen Story Hour: Why does it make some people angry? from Channel 4 News

I urge all parents to carry out due-diligence and investigate those who are the architects of Scotland RSHP Sex Education System

 Dr Colin Morrison is one of the architects of Scotland RSHP sex education system who is in the Scottish Education Council. In 2011 he wrote a thesis on how to break down the barrier between childhood and sexuality. He quotes Michael Foucault 58 times. Foucault wrote in 1977 that children could give sexual consent, he wrote with other intellects to the French Parliament. Foucault has a history of sexual abuse of young boys in Tunisia including rape in graveyards. Colin Morrison and Catherine Jane McCulloch, TASC (Scotland) Limited, created the sex education resources. Dr Catherine McCulloch is a long-time member of the Children’s Parliament and Scottish Alliance for Children’s Rights and both are co-directors of the Scottish Parliament3     

One of the most concerning aspects of this agenda is the involvement of the WHO (World Health Organisation). The following clips come directly from the WHO, from their documents: Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe.

0-4 years

  • Must learn about masturbation
  • Must develop an interest in their own and other’s bodies

4-6 years

  • Must learn about masturbation
  • Encouraged to express sexual needs and wishes

6-9 years

  • Must learn about sexual intercourse
  • Must learn about online pornography
  • Having a secret love
  • Must learn about self-stimulation

9-12 years

  • Should have their first sexual experience
  • Should learn to use online pornography

I urge you to listen to Dr Anna Loutfi, Equality and Human Rights Barrister. Dr Loufti and Bad Law Project are suing the UK Govt about trying to teach children and using third party unregulated rogue actors; posing as educators, with their own pic and mix ideas of what children should or should not know. This teaching is in the guise of Personal Health and Social Education (PHSE). She states that the teaching of such material contravenes the law. 

A final note to all parents:  The power is with you to stop this egregious agenda that is taking place in schools across the UK. Be aware of WHO and UNESCO’s United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation’s participation.

Tina Jay, retired headteacher

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