Formal complaint (pt.4)

Response to MSP’s economical-with-the-truth letter

It would seem that Dumfries & Galloway MSP Finally Carson’s greatest characteristics are straight out of the politician recruitment textbook: cowardice, and lies. 

DoD has been given sight of a letter (below this article) sent to one of our support signatories by the Galloway Tory MSP in which, yet again, he seems to struggle with the concepts of evidence vs hearsay, and fact vs fiction. 

Being reasonable here at the DoD, we decided to give the befuddled politician yet another opportunity to ‘see the light’ – or are we just handing him more rope? Decide for yourself…

Dear Finlay,

We have been informed of a “letter to petitioner” dated 15th June 2023, issued by you in response to the petition regarding the health board’s failure to obtain informed consent for Covid vaccinations.

We would appreciate if you refrained from treating us as though we were imbeciles.

You were given much more than just a “detailed dossier of complaints”: it was a highly-evidenced document providing irrefutable proof that the health board failed to adhere to protocols with regards to informed consent; in other words: NHS Dumfries & Galloway DID NOT FOLLOW SCOTTISH GOVERNMENT DIRECTION despite their asinine assertions to the contrary. Which part of that are you not understanding?

You may well have written to the Cabinet Secretary for Health, but his predictably pointless response “regarding Coronavirus testing” had little to do with claims made and addressed nothing at all, yet you seem to think it was adequate: it was not.

“Fraudulent Covid testing” was but a small part of the formal complaint and exhibited evidence. Did you even read the documents?

Instead of acting “in the correct manner” as you falsely claim in your letter, your office has instead attempted on multiple levels to subvert the real intention of the formal complaint, and accepted the health board’s baseless claim that they were “acting on direction of the Scottish Government” when administering the Covid injections to your constituents and their children. The formal complaint documents you were given prove step-by-step that they DID NOT DO SO.

You were already told that the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman had already responded on this matter stating that it is not within their remit, so contacting the SPSO is therefore not an option.

One of your functions as an MSP is to hold the health board to account, and it would be appreciated if you actually did your job instead of burying your head in the sand simply because the topic is controversial and you don’t like and/or disagree with its contents; which, if the latter is the case, would require some sort of counter-evidence in rebuttal – none of which has been provided to date.

Your attempts at obfuscating the true intent of this matter in reality amounts to a disingenuous head-in-the-sand cowardice on your part, which history will show as a dereliction of duty to your own people, by allowing your constituents and their children to be effectively experimented upon with a genetic vaccine still within clinical trials, without being properly informed as per the medical protocols evidenced.

All we are asking is that you require the heath board to rebut the allegations against them in substance; in other words, NOT by falsely stating that they were “acting on direction of the Scottish Government” when it has been proven in detail that THEY DID NOTHING OF THE SORT. 

We suggest that you carry out your stated function as MSP and hold the health board to account.

This matter is by no means closed.

4 thoughts on “Formal complaint (pt.4)”

  1. Tina Johnston

    Excellent response from DoD! I await his response with great anticipation! Looking forward to him squirming his way out of that which is unsquirmable! If that’s a word 🙂

    1. Hi Tina, thank you for your comment.

      I think we know Finlay Carson’s modus operandi by now – gaslight or ignore. But we have to be seen to be doing the right thing.


      PS – it’s certainly a word now!

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