Formal complaint (Pt1)

Jeffing Joker: Jeff Ace, the NHS CEO who has no problem experimenting on children.

Formal complaint (pt.1)

Health board CEO dubbed ‘most dangerous man in Dumfries’

NHS Dumfries & Galloway Health Board’s CEO has been labelled ‘the most dangerous man in Dumfries’ after completely ignoring a formal complaint signed by dozens of D&G residents in September of last year.

The complaint laid out in highly-detailed evidence how the Covid injections were still within phase III clinical trials and were therefore still experimental, and also step-by-step proving that the vaccinators under CEO Jeff Ace’s watch were duty bound – by both UK statutory regulations and international treaties – to obtain properly informed consent before injecting anyone with any substance, let alone unlicensed and investigational products.

The document (soon to be uploaded to the DoD website) comprised an 8-page ‘Statement of Facts’ with 29 pages of exhibits, accompanied by a covering letter inviting the health board to counter the many claims and accusations evidenced, which included –

  • breaching the 2004 Medicines for Human Use (Clinical Trials) regs
  • breaching the Declaration of Helsinki
  • failing to adhere to the NHS Green Book Chapter 2 on consent
  • violating the General Medical Council protocol on consent
  • contravention of the British Medical Association consent toolkit for doctors
  • failing to adhere to government guidance
  • common law and civil fraud with the misuse of PCR and lateral flow testing
  • misfeasance in public office 
  • wilful neglect of duty by a public official 
  • medical malpractice
  • child maltreatment 

The complaint was supported by around 70 signatories, the vast majority of whom were Dumfries & Galloway residents, and was delivered to the health board around mid-September. It came as no surprise that Dumfries & Galloway NHS Board took over 3 weeks to respond, without even acknowledging receipt of the documents before having to be pressured into doing so. 

Did they answer to the claims? Did they explain how the documents had it all so very wrong, and everything was alright after all? Did they defend themselves and their failure to adhere to long-established medical protocols? (You guessed it…)

Their response: “we have sought legal advice… and have been assured that we are under no obligation to respond.”

Not only did this slam the door in the face of the claimant as well as the dozens of supporting signatories, it was also a statement of intent that NHS D&G will continue to inject you, your family, and even pregnant women and children with an experimental substance without telling anyone that it is a genetic product, still within clinical trials, and therefore with an unknown safety profile. Sadly, it seems that the health board CEO has no problem with genetic experimentation on you and your children without informing you. 

Jeff Ace is the most dangerous man in Dumfries.


Coming up: part 2 – how your local politicians do not have your best interests at heart.

3 thoughts on “Formal complaint (Pt1)”

  1. I suspect the legal advice given to D&G NHS is purely an attempt to stop them incriminating themselves further. Surely if they were not guilty of any wrong doing being alleged against them they would be happy to clear the situation up with a reasoned response.

    1. Afternoon Gary,

      You could be forgiven for thinking that (we certainly did), but the health board were queried about their “legal advice” and gave a rather odd response – which will be the topic of part two.

      Thank you for contacting Declaration of Dumfries.


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