Formal complaint (pt.2)

Why oath-violating, career-politician MSPs do not have your best interests at heart

Formal complaint (pt.2)

Why oath-violating, career-politician MSPs do not have your best interests at heart

In part 1, we described how disgraced D&G Health Board CEO, Jeff Ace, turned his back on evidence showing how the NHS have failed in their obligation to obtain informed consent from jab recipients – which was also a statement of intent that NHS D&G will continue to jab you, your family, and even pregnant women and children with an experimental genetic substance still undergoing clinical trials, without informing anyone. The health board stated that they had “sought legal advice” and were “assured that they were under no obligation to respond” to the formal complaint.

We then attempted via FOI to obtain this ‘legal advice’.

Their response? Unsurprisingly, NHS D&G stated that they were under no obligation “to reveal whether the information exists” and that the Health Board can neither confirm or deny legal advice was sought.”

At this stage it would be foolish to discount the possibility that no legal advice was ever sought, and that the same people who would knowingly carry out uninformed genetic experimentation on the region’s children would also lie without conscience that they had sought legal advice – in a blatant attempt to avoid incontrovertible, damning and incriminating evidence. 

Never for giving up easily, we then decided to approach our MSPs to simultaneously, (i) grant them the opportunity to fulfil their oaths of office; and on the other hand, (ii) to confirm our suspicion that they would, when push comes to shove, do the exact opposite.

First, Finlay Carson was approached, and he kindly agreed to a face-to-face appointment. When shown the formal complaint’s bundle of incriminating evidence, however, the MSP for Galloway and West Dumfries showed a level of intellectual acrobatics that, had mental gymnastics been an Olympic event, would have guaranteed him a position on the podium. Evidently unnerved by what he was shown, he did his level best to be non-committal about the evidenced facts presented. At one point Mr Carson even stated that it might be acceptable to inject children with experimental substances without informing parents, should the NHS consider it to be for the best.

Here at the DoD we very much doubt that Mr Carson will be basing his next election campaign on that sentiment. However, he did agree to approach the health board about the issue. Completely and deliberately missing the point, however, it came as no surprise that the original request – to force the health board into responding to matters affecting the Galloway MSP’s constituents – was twisted into “how your complaint has been handled by NHS Dumfries & Galloway.” NHS D&G replied to the MSP, stating that they “will not be engaging any further with [the complainant] on matters of Covid 19 Vaccination.” Mr Carson then contacted the pointless Cabinet Secretary Humza Yousaf, whose response was… well, pointless. Then, in an astonishing dereliction of duty, Mr Carson stated he would not be taking the matter further as it was “against his political beliefs” – a statement he has since retracted, as he, quote: “shouldn’t have said that.” We salute Finlay for admitting to concocting a complete falsehood in order to avoid his obligations, although that does not mean he would finally be doing his verbally-stated job to hold the health board to account, after all. Of course not.

In the meantime, not to be outdone by his counterpart, Dumfriesshire MSP Oliver Mundell suggested in an astounding statement that, in order to resolve NHS D&G’s failure to respond, “in my view it is best to go through their complaints process”.

In other words, Mr Mundell’s advice is to make a complaint… about the ignoring of the complaint… to the same people who ignored the complaint…

Incredible. Dumfries & Galloway’s oath-violating, career-politician MSPs do not have your best interests at heart.


Coming up: part 3 – the turning of the screw.

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