Formal complaint (pt.3)

Turning the screw: Petition to Finlay Carson MSP

In part 1, we described how disgraced D&G Health Board CEO, Jeff Ace, turned his back on evidence showing how the NHS have failed in their obligation to obtain informed consent from jab recipients – which was also a statement of intent that NHS D&G will continue to jab you, your family, and even pregnant women and children with an experimental genetic substance still undergoing clinical trials, without informing anyone. The health board stated that they had “sought legal advice” and were “assured that they were under no obligation to respond” to the formal complaint.

We then attempted via FOI to obtain this ‘legal advice’.

Their response? Unsurprisingly, NHS D&G stated that they were under no obligation “to reveal whether the information exists” and that the Health Board can neither confirm or deny legal advice was sought.”

In part 2, we documented the failures of our local MSPs to even attempt to deal with the matter of holding the health board to account – something that Finlay Carson openly stated was one of his tasks as an MSP yet, when it came to raising his career-politician ambitions above the parapet, came out with the astonishing statement that it was “against [his] political beliefs” – later retracting that comment when politely questioned about it outside council HQ in Dumfries.

We are pleased to announce that, this morning, a petition demanding that Mr Carson carries out his stated duty as an MSP – ie, to hold the health board to account regarding the claims and accusations in the formal complaint documents – was delivered to his constituency office in Castle Douglas high street, bearing over 120 signatures. We are told by our friend and colleague who delivered the petition, Tim Dennis (whose story we shall be expanding on in upcoming articles), that it was given a ‘less than warm’ reception once the member of staff was informed of its nature.

The petition came with a covering letter which alluded to the cruel irony of its late delivery due to two vaccine adverse event-related health incidents. 

We will keep you updated as to whether – finally – the D&G health board scandal is treated with the seriousness it deserves.


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