Still Sh-“Ootn”!

Update: Ootn Aboot continues gunning for corrupt DGC

Last month we signposted our readers to an article written by Ootn Aboot Dumfries, which described Dumfries & Galloway Council’s blatant act of corruption and self entitlement with regards to the River Nith anti-flooding project.

Yesterday Ootn posted an update article, again dealing with the anti-flooding scandal amongst other serious council failures, describing D&G Council employees as “Unelected. Unaccountable. Unavailable. Untouchable. Unsackable.”

We couldn’t agree more. 

It seems obvious that DGC employees believe that council functions are their ball to play with, regardless of the wishes of the public who pay their wages and who really ought to be viewed as their boss, but instead are clearly considered with contempt.

It’s another impressive article by Ootn Aboot Dumfries and we cannot recommend their page highly enough to our readers. 

Indeed, the article’s parting shot has us wondering whether Ootn is deliberately setting out to impress Declaration of Dumfries:

“A Council Tax strike?”

Do we even need to comment? Watch this space.

2 thoughts on “Still Sh-“Ootn”!”

  1. I’m trying to! I got a letter saying that a contract is not required because “Council Tax is a tax ” it is not a payment for services rendered. I asked for proof of claim and was told as there is no exchange of contracts this is “inconsequential and not required for the levy and recovery of Council Tax”!!!! I think this may be a circular argument. I was also told it is not a crime not to pay so that must be why they hold kangaroo courts to get liability orders. They also said the money all goes into one pot. They are in their own surreal world – the only way forward is for a lot of people to stop paying and funding genocide.

    1. Hi Jay – the old “enforceable by statute” argument.

      Yet they cannot provide any evidence of how any such binding obligation to government legislation is lawfully created in the first place, at root source. Because it doesn’t exist. It’s all circular reasoning – you are bound by statute because it says so in statute. How can you possibly go wrong with that!

      The bottom line, and the main problem that this ultimately boils down to, is that even if you can prove beyond any doubt that no such obligation exists (because they simply cannot prove that it does), they will keep going using their rigged system and their bewigged and uniformed abusers anyway, regardless, because that’s what parasites do. As well as harass, coerce, intimidate, freeze your bank account, take your stuff, etc, etc – like any other mafia or extortion racket, they do what they want just because they can, not because they are in the right. Fraudsters and abusers don’t care if they are in the right.

      Even if you were to point out to them that even according to their own interpretation in their own legislation that the definition of “persons” does not include “natural persons” (another oxymoron) they still won’t care, and will still continue to extort and abuse people – like we said, because that’s what parasites do.

      It’s going to take a massive sea change of public opinion to oust these career criminal leeches.

      In the meantime, because they don’t even play by their own rules, nor do they care whatever paperwork or evidence we provide (including their lack of evidence of an obligation that doesn’t exist) and they just ignore anything they don’t like to get what they want, we have to play the game a bit smarter, stop trying to beat them with logic, reasoning, right and justice (because they care about none of those things), and instead get them chasing shadows. The gloves are now off:

      What would the French Resistance do…?


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