Highway robbery: update 

Dumfries director on notice accused of aiding & abetting criminal conduct after theft of CLC-plated private property

In our article of 2nd June, we reported on the lawful notice served upon police inspector Lyndsey Nicolson after two Dumfries & Galloway officers committed a criminal act of robbery against Palnackie’s Tim Dennis, all based on a fraudulent claim of obligation to statutory regulations. 

Today, a second notice in connection with last month’s incident has been confirmed as delivered – this time served on the director Euroroute Ltd, the recovery service company complicit in the theft of Tim’s private property along with the Police Scotland officers stationed at Castle Douglas.

Above: Euroroute’s Rae St HQ in Dumfries 

Peter Henryson Stewart has been director of Euroroute Ltd since May 2013, and today the Dumfries business received a surprise package at its Rae Street HQ.

The envelope contains a Notice of Liability requiring evidence from the Euroroute director under Article 15 of the UK General Data Protection Regulations (ie, a Subject Access Request), which obliges the company to provide all data surrounding the May incident – and warns Mr Stewart of his company’s involvement criminal conduct and potential action that may be taken against the Dumfries director in his private capacity, in the event that he ails to provide adequate evidence of Euroroute’s authority to deal with private property outside of statutory jurisdiction.

Above: notice delivered to Euroroute Ltd

Meanwhile, we have still to receive a response from Lyndsey Nicolson of Castle Douglas police station with the regards to the notice delivered on Friday of last week – signed for by Inspector Nicolson herself. 

We will provide updates in due course.

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