Highway robbery!

Castle Douglas traffic cops on notice after theft of CLC-plated private property

In a recent article we mentioned our friend and ally Tim Dennis, a fellow common law advocate and freedom warrior who, last year, placed Common Law Court number plates ‘QUETZAL’ (named after Quetzal Shipping & Trading Co, Tim’s business based at Palnackie Harbour) on his private conveyance. Tim had been travelling lawfully within common law jurisdiction for over a year and, whilst he had received some ‘interest’ from traffic cops in various parts of the UK during that time, he had successfully fended off several police encounters by standing his ground and within his rights under common law. 

All of that was to change on the 16th of last month, however, when Tim was stopped for a second time by two officers based at Castle Douglas police station, who had clearly taken issue with anyone attempting to travel outside of the diktats of the state.

“I’d already been stopped by these same officers before – the first time, they took me into custody and I was subsequently released with no charges and they didn’t seize the car, but this time they refused to accept that anyone could travel outside of statutory jurisdiction and took my car away, leaving me and my dog to make our own way home,” he recounted. “They also refused to accept that my common law insurance was legitimate – personally I think they just held a grudge against anyone standing up to the system.” Tim’s car was removed by Dumfries firm Euroroute Recovery. 

With regards to his common law motor insurance, Tim was told by one of the officers that he would be “looking into it”, yet over a fortnight later he has heard nothing.

Regular DoD readers will be aware of our quest to find the lawful obligation binding the people to statutory legislation – something which a long list of government entities have so far failed to evidence, despite repeated requests (see multiple previous DoD articles). Tim has teamed up with DoD in an attempt to challenge the lawfulness of the police’s actions, and on the web page below this article you can read and download the notice sent to Castle Douglas station via Royal Mail and signed for by its intended recipient, Inspector Lyndsey Nicolson, first thing this morning.

In that notice, we challenge the Castle Douglas station inspector to produce the ever-elusive lawful obligation to diktats of state such as the 1988 Road Traffic Act – the statutory legislation that facilitated the removal of Tim’s private conveyance – otherwise, the claim that there exists such an obligation is a falsehood, in which case the removal of Tim’s property was without justification and nothing short of criminal conduct: literally an act of highway robbery. Updates will be provided as and when they happen. 

The final word goes to Tim: “It is especially important for me at this time standing within the rights of natural law, so that others may see that there are long-established laws that protect us from tyranny.”


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