License to chill

DGC’s agenda to frighten young children continues

Not content with scaring the bejesus out of children during Covid (over a disease that minors neither spread nor were affected by) Dumfries & Galloway Council are now planning to instil a further sense of pervasive fear in the region’s youngsters – this time with a “lockdown safety drill”, indoctrinating an entire generation into accepting that not only should they live in a constant state of unease at the world at large, but that there exists an authority with the right to imprison people at that so-called authority’s behest. 

This is, of course, all being done under the guise of “safety” (for who can argue?) as explained in a letter sent to parents with the title, School Emergency Planning Procedures: ‘Safe Inside Together’.

The letter states, “In order for children, young people and staff to be reminded about expectations during a lockdown safety drill, [we] will practise these … on a regular basis. During the lockdown safety drill, the doors will be locked and no one will be able to enter or leave the school during the practice procedure.”

We issued an FOI to the council regarding these drills, and as always they did not disappoint. Once again they admitted to not having risk assessed the effects on children’s emotional wellbeing in any way, nor considered any anguish or anxiety that these events might cause. We’d love to say we were shocked at this blatant display of child neglect, but after force masking children with no consideration for the physical or mental trauma this was causing, when it comes to rights violations and upsetting children nothing surprises us with Dumfries & Galloway Council.

It has already been established that such drills traumatise children, as reported from the USA where the insidious lockdown agenda is in full swing, yet DGC have taken none of this into consideration.

Furthermore, the FOI response revealed that there had been no consultation with parents, and nor were they able to opt out of these procedures. This once again begs the question of who these self-entitled bureaucrats think they are, that they believe they can dictate their demands over parents’ wishes?

Unfortunately for Dumfries & Galloway Council, part of Declaration of Dumfries’ mission is to ensure that rights are respected rather than trampled, as they seem to think they can do with wanton abandon.

We have requested a review of their FOI to clarify several issues – not least that the FOI Team plum forgot to attached relevant documentation – and will report back in due course.

4 thoughts on “License to chill”

  1. Just stumbled upon your pages from a post by Daniel McNeil, and I’m glad I did! It’s refreshing to see some pushback against this governments corrupt agendas.

    I’m a Dumfries resident and a parent of two children who have been removed from the school system altogether. Best decision we ever made.

    1. Good evening Michael,

      We completely agree with you, it’s about time people took back control of their children into their own hands instead of leaving them at the mercy of those with lewd and pernicious agendas.

      Many thanks for your comments.


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