DoD Facts & Info 24th Edition

For our 24th information leaflet, we have decided on a change from ‘Vax Facts & info’ to ‘DoD Facts & Info’

While we will still be providing up-to-date information on the Covid-19 vaccine and other medical facts, we will also be expanding into other areas of interest, hence the name change.

Please feel free to download the pdfs and print / share as widely as possible.

We thank you for your ongoing commitment to raising awareness.

2 thoughts on “DoD Facts & Info 24th Edition”

  1. It’s a joke , deaths are up also but like everything these days facts are ignored unless they are from government backed scientists .
    Yep the order these days , my facts are correct yours aren’t .
    Very frightening what we have become , or have we always been like this but before social media no one could state otherwise.

    1. We absolutely agree, Kevin.

      We just need to take a look back at history: belief in the authority and propaganda of governments has caused countless atrocities in the past. We now know how it happens, and which types of people facilitate it into existence.

      Many thanks for your comments.


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