Saving face: Update

Damning DGC clarification final nail in coffin

In yesterday’s article we reported on Dumfries & Galloway Council’s capitulation regarding the region’s policy on masking other people’s children during the Covid pandemic – a topic we have covered in numerous previous editions.

We know as indisputable fact that school heads, teachers and staff bore down heavily upon pupils who did not comply with their unlawful diktats, yet in a final clarification – ensuring the avoidance of any shadow of doubt – the council’s Information Government Team have hammered the final nail in the coffin for the hordes of self-entitled zealots who narcissistically believed they had the right to impose face masks upon other people’s children:

Dear [DoD],

Dumfries and Galloway, Education and Learning Directorate can confirm that “no policy / guidance that permitted (granted authority) to headmasters/teachers at schools in Stranraer to ask pupils to leave school” also extends to any other form of punishment for noncompliance with regards to mask wearing in D&G schools.

We hope this helps clarify.

As promised, we will be contacting DGC’s leader Gail MacGregor in the hope that the abhorrent, industrial-scale child abuse is never witnessed again within D&G schools.

But what of the perpetrators of that abuse, from the teachers and head teachers all the way up to the head of that department Gillian Brydson, as well as the CEO and council leaders? What should befall those abusers, who appear to have gotten away with it scot free, walking away whistling?

Some sort of plan is in order.

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