Other People’s Children

As promised in our recent ‘Saving face’ articles (here and here) reporting on Dumfries & Galloway Council’s admission that they had no authority to enforce masks within D&G schools, nor to punish children for noncompliance, we have sent an open letter to the leader of the council, Gail MacGregor, an A3 laminated copy of which will be delivered today via Royal Mail.

We are confident that Gail will be on board with us on this issue despite any external pressures and influence she may experience. We are confident that she will take the principled stance to ensure that such measures are never imposed again on other people’s children without their freely-given consent or with any form of coercion.

We will shortly be sending Gail and DGC execs information showing that masks were useless in any case, and should we ever witness a repeat of the atrocity of force masking other people’s children in future, we will at least have it on record that council leaders and execs were given ample information but decided to commit industrial scale child abuse regardless, despite the harms that masks can cause – especially to children – and the fact that not one of the people enforcing those measures had any right to do so.

We are also making a formal complaint (see letter), and will keep you all updated on its progress. In the meantime, please feel free to print and share the open letter far and wide. 

Together, we can help get the message out to stop the hideous masking of children from ever happening again.

Open letter in image, text and PDF formats:

Dear Gail,

After many months of correspondence and with the direct involvement of the Scottish Information Commissioner, we finally have the admission from DGC’s FOI Team that Dumfries & Galloway Council cannot point to the source of any authority to force masks upon other people’s children, as occurred in Dumfries & Galloway’s schools over the Covid pandemic. This was of course the only possible outcome, given that not a man or woman exists on this Earth with the right to force anyone else into a mask without their freely-given and informed consent. 

We invite anyone proclaiming such a right to STEP FORWARD with proof of claim. 

  • DGC’s capitulation included an admission that no staff member within any of Dumfries & Galloway’s schools had the right to punish any child for failing to follow mask diktats, yet we know for a fact that this happened. Accounts of children being scolded – in other words, bullied for noncompliance – are ubiquitous. 
  • Please regard this letter as a formal complaint into the behaviour of all DGC staff guilty of admonishing those children who stood courageously within their rights and sovereignty by refusing to follow unlawful and unenforceable diktats.
  • More concerning still is the fact that none of the council’s risk assessments took into consideration any potential adverse physiological or psychological harms of mandating face masks. None whatsoever.
  • Additionally, please regard this communication as a formal complaint into DGC’s Education and Health & Safety departments’ failure to consider any potential harms of masking other people’s children within their risk assessments.

Now that the jungle drums are rumbling once again for the reintroduction of face masks, as leader of the council you may soon be faced with a decision. The mainstream media’s incessant prodding on this issue is a concern in itself, given the lack of evidence that masks made any positive difference anywhere in the world; however, regardless of motives or arguments about efficacy, the whole issue can ultimately be reduced to the fundamental truth that not a man or woman exists with the right, the power or the authority to force anyone else into a mask. Again, anyone proclaiming such a right is invited to STEP FORWARD with proof of claim, evidenced at root source. Nobody will, because nobody can.

We would like to think that the most important thing to emerge from this notice will be the council’s principled refusal to entertain any unlawful and ultra vires attack on the sovereign right to bodily autonomy in future – whether by the state, the teachers unions, self-entitled health & safety officers or anyone else. 

We’d like to think that if you, as Leader of Dumfries & Galloway Council, are ever put under pressure by any self-proclaimed, so-called ‘authority’ to impose rights violations upon other people’s children that you will refuse to follow their commands because of the simple fact that you have no right. And more to the point: neither do they.

So, the question is: Should we arrive once again at that fork in the road, which direction will you take?


2 thoughts on “Other People’s Children”

  1. Carmela Arturi

    Nuremberg Code Article 6, Section 3
    In no case should a collective agreement or the consent of a community leader or any other authority, substitute for an individual’s informed consent.

    Therefore, forcibly masking children or adults is a war crime! Has anyone been brought to justice?

    1. Hi Carmela,

      Thank you for your comment – and yes, masking children is certainly a criminal act and no-one has yet been brought to justice.

      We believe that the more we highlight these issues the more likely that is to happen.

      Best wishes, and keep an eye out for future articles on this issue.


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