The Battle of Port Palnackie

D&G harbour legal challenge reaches High Court in London

For several months now, we have kept abreast of developments at Palnackie, a small and picturesque port village with a harbour of historic significance dating back as early as the 1600s

The diminutive size of the tiny Galloway village itself belies the potentially huge implications of the legal challenge underway, and the precedent this case will set for the future of the law surrounding trusts & beneficiaries versus the insidious corporate takeover of assets belonging to the people.

We will not attempt to go into detail about the particulars of the case here, as this has been documented more than adequately by investigative reporter Martin Geddes. Martin, for those who don’t already know him, is an activist, freedom fighter, and a man after our own heart. He is a breath of fresh air in a world seemingly full to the gunwales with corrupt news media outlets and bought-off journalists.

We cannot recommend Martin’s work highly enough. It can be viewed on his Substack page on this link, and his newsletters documenting the particulars of the situation at Palnackie harbour can be accessed by clicking on the images below:

We are sure that Martin and our friend and ally Tim Dennis would appreciate your support.

4 thoughts on “The Battle of Port Palnackie”

  1. Artems Adams

    I saw Tim this afternoon. Whilst he was here he received a phone call. It seems that a case has been found involving a port in Dundee and a ferry company. Jurisdiction was ruled to be in London.

    People do not understand why I am excited by this case. Think Erin Brockovich!

    If the boys from Palnackie win this and jurisdiction is ruled to be in London, then this affects every harbour and every port in the UK.

    1. Hi Artemis, many thanks for your comments.

      We shall keep our fingers crossed, and you can be sure we’ll be providing updates as they happen.

      Martin Geddes has give our short bulletin his approval, we are hoping that it leads more people to his work.

      Kind regards,

  2. I’ve been in the High Court in London, and won! In my case, I found the High Court judges very honest and knowledgeable. It took several seconds to win!!!!

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