“Ootn” to kill!

More outrageous council behaviour exposed on popular page

We make no apology for our use (or even overuse) of the term ‘self-entitled parasites’ when it comes to employees of public bodies, because that term seems to be accurate in almost every instance we come across.

Those familiar with our work will know  that the pejorative is absolutely applicable – and in spades – to Dumfries & Galloway Council, the local authority guilty by their own tacit admission in mass-scale child abuse during the Covid debacle.

It will come as no surprise to DoD readers, then, that those same self-entitled parasites have been caught at the capers once again in a recent article on Facebook by Ootn Aboot Dumfries, which describes how council officers completely ignored the recommendations of an expert report on the River Nith’s notorious flooding issues, simply because the report did not align with their preferred outcome – then subsequently refused to share its conclusions with the public.

DGC even refused former council leader John Dowson’s freedom of information submission requesting a copy of the report, as well as current elected members when they asked. 

“They do not like the result so they are keeping it quiet”, alleges the Ootn article. 

Ootn Aboot Dumfries is a prolific blogger, journalist and activist based in the Dumfriesshire capital, with a reach approaching 5,000 on Facebook. The page has posts daily and is highly recommended.

John Dowson is founder and admin of Facebook group Echo Dumfries, which is also worth checking out.

With staunch crusaders like Ootn Aboot Dumfries fighting for the public against corrupt officials treating the region and its funding as though it belongs to them, we may yet see council employees being held to account for their actions.

However long that may take.

2 thoughts on ““Ootn” to kill!”

  1. A great article here on DoD. It would be great if DoD could join forces with Ootn Aboot Dumfries in fighting the corrupt parasites in Council positions. Both are doing superb work in their own right. I
    don’t have Facebook and as a consequence haven’t read any of their articles.

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